Free 90s Fashion Documentaries You Need To Watch

Check out these 5 free 90s documentaries below! There's just something about the 90s. Is it the fashion? The models? The cutthroat attitude? Or maybe just the nostalgia of childhood? Now I'm aware that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries, with harmful beauty standards and questionable ethics, and you may be wondering why a sustainable business is even writing about fashion documentaries? Well I love art, the original super models fascinate me and honestly it's inspiring to watch the workings of such a powerful industry. People are starting to question themselves, how can I enjoy the things I love whilst reducing my impact on the world we live in and one great things about fashion is that trends are circular. Fashion always comes back around. You'll notice that most the clothing in these documentaries are bang on trend right now, it just takes some searching to find them second hand.

Warning: Some statements made in these docs are clearly outdated and shocking. We are slowly moving towards a more diverse, body positive fashion industry, although undeniably there is a long road ahead!

Catwalk 1995 - following Christy Turnlington, featuring Naomi and Kate Moss

 Take a peak into this candid world of super models.

Beautopia 1998

Follow the struggle of young models trying to make it in a competitive and brutal world.

The Look - Runway Fashion Week

See the mechanics of London Fashion Week behind the scenes!

Power of the Press

The documentary prior to this is a series, this is next in line.

Boss Women - Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour, the women who runs the industry.

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