Dearest Fannie

Affirmation Poster

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Remind yourself how amazing you are with our Affirmation Poster.

Read affirmations to rewrite the subconscious and start thinking positively! This A3 poster is made from 350 GSM Silk using vegan ink. A perfect addition to bedroom or office walls to influence positive self talk. There is MRI evidence to suggest that certain neural pathways are increased when regularly practice self affirmation tasks. Our poster will be the perfect reminder to practice your affirmations. The poster, inspired by self love, was hand drawn digitally. The Affirmations Poster comes in beautiful card packaging and includes a poem that can be cut out on the back, it reads:

'This is a love letter to me 

because I sometimes struggle to see 

just how amazing I am 

I need to stop with all this Instagram spam,

My body is more than a mirror reflection 

if I'm here breathing

it is working perfection, 

So I'll promise to stop being so hard on myself 

because I should never be compared to anyone else

I love you more than you will ever know,

From yours truly, me'

Inside the packaging, we also include more information on affirmations.

Both packaging & poster are made from sustainably sourced paper, using vegan ink and glue.